Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bone and Cloth

Pick up any interior design magazine and you'll find antlers, real or faux. It might seem like a silly trend for women who are married to hunters. Apartment Therapy did a post about it recently.

I installed lattice to frame the front windows and doorway. The antlers are hung in one of the windows. To soften the antlers, I framed one pair with an antique wooden frame. The other pair, I draped a vintage rosary I found in a Parisian flea market.
I really like the contrast of the deer head with the tissue paper flower lights and the little treasures in the locker basket.

These beautiful linen bags arrived from Paris this week. I have the medium size bag (the natural color bag on the bench) and love it. I use it for traveling and shopping flea/antique markets. I picked mine up a couple of years ago at Scarlet Jones in Melbourne, Australia. There are so many different things coming into the shop right now that I can't even keep them all straight. I promise to blog more so you can see it all!


  1. Hi! I'm not seeing any way to contact you besides comment, so I'm commenting. lol.

    Hoping you can help me out...I'm in search of some of your out of print Hannah Bella fabrics (the sage/pink ones) and I'm having a horrible time finding any. Just wondering if you had any for sale or if you had any ideas where I could find some.

    A relative made my daughter a quilt using some when she was born and now we're redecorating and using the quilt as the inspiration piece...but I would LOVE to get some more fabric. Thanks for any help you might have!!!

    Gina (iact2 (at) hotmail (dot) com)

  2. I am loving that display! Your shop is looking great!
    Those paper flowers are adorable.