Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I Spy with My Little Eye

On last night's episode of Parenthood, I noticed something familiar.

The rocking chair cushion was made out of my fabric. How exciting is that! It's the toile from Desired Things.

This is one of my favorite prints from the line. I just love the little girl watering and picking flowers.

Yellow is one of my favorite colors for a nursery. Such a soft and happy, gender neutral color. The way they styled the nursery is just so simple and pretty. 

What a great surprise it was to see my fabric on one of my favorite shows! You can find the fabric HERE.


  1. Oh I was sooooo excited when I saw that on tv the other night!! How very awesome!

    Hope all is well in Singapore :) We miss you in Galveston!

  2. How exciting!! Now you're famous in tv land too!