Friday, April 1, 2011

Spring is in the Air

It's the perfect time of year in Galveston. The ocean breeze is cool and the sun is warm. I am happy to sit outside the shop and enjoy what little time of perfect weather we have right now. But, I've been daydreaming of spring in France, walking around the street markets. I love this little island, but sometimes I long for the tables stacked with flowers and fresh veggies that I've seen in Paris.

I stumbled upon this market when I was in Paris in January. The sweet fragrance drew me down the street.

I dream in these colors.

We just got in these great market baskets in the shop. Wouldn't it just be perfect with a bouquet sticking out of the top? Or maybe just a baguette and some leafy greens? I think it would be nice to throw in a beach towel, hop on a bike, and spend the day reading on the sand.

And here's another drool-worthy picture from the Parisian market. If Galveston had this, I would be one lucky girl!

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