Thursday, October 21, 2010

It's hard to know it's autumn when you live off the Gulf of Mexico

September through November are my favorite months. Well, that was true when I lived in a place where the trees changed colors, you could wear your favorite sweater, and go out pumpkin or apple picking. In Galveston, it's a little hard to tell it's supposed to be baking season. Since I still don't want to turn on my oven in this 80° weather, here are some pictures of the shop. We've moved something around a bit.

The cabinet from Round Top was a little bigger than memory had served.
But it's snug in its new home now.

We got in new dishes and bake ware. You can also see the antique French bee skep.

Our demo last Saturday was German glass glitter banners. I forgot to take a picture of the Christmas
banner, and then someone bought it. Sorry! But here is our Halloween banner. I just love aged
sheet music. I wish I could spend all day creating these cute decorations, but Quilt Market is just
around the corner!


  1. If you step outside before 9 a.m. you can kinda feel the fall in Florida after that,forget it. Right back to pretend land, right???

    Love the banner, are you selling those or is there a demo someplace and you are sharing...whats the story??!?!?!?! Hugs...Susan

  2. Hi Susan! We did a demo the other week. I used spray adhesive to put the sheet music on thick paper. Then I picked out a font from one of the free font websites (They're really fun and can take up hours of my time) and printed out the letter on thick paper.

    I used German glass glitter because I think it's better than plastic glitter. Just have fun with it and embellish any way you think is right!